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Jaehong Yu (유재홍), Ph.D. (2018)

• Dissertation title: Clustering Analysis for Nonlinear and Noisy Patterns in High Dimensional Data
• Current position: Postdoc, School of Medicine, New York University

Jieun Son (손지은), Ph.D. (2018)

• Dissertation title: Content-Based Recommender Systems Using Network Graphs
• Current position: Data Scientist, Samsung SDS

Chanhee Park (박찬희), Ph.D. (2018)

• Dissertation title: Virtual Metrology Modeling of Sensor Data in Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Current position: Data Analyst, Samsung Electronics

Sugon Cho (조수곤), Ph.D. (2016)

• Dissertation title: Text Mining for Document Classification and Summarization
• Current position: Data Analysis Manager, LINA Life Insurance

Jihoon Kang (강지훈), Ph.D. (2015)

• Dissertation title : Robust Statistical Process Control for Dynamic Manufacturing Environments
• Current position: Data Scientist, Samsung SDS

Tuerhong Gulanbaier, Ph.D. (2013)

• Dissertation title : One-Class Classification-Based Control Charts for Multivariate Process Monitoring and Diagnosis
• Current position: Associate Professor, Computer Science, Xinjiang University
Poovich Phaladiganon, Ph.D. (2012)

• Dissertation title : Robust Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Multivariate Processes
• Current position: Senior Retail Credit Risk Analytics Manager, Integrated Risk Management and Analytics Department, Kasikorn Bank PCL., Thailand
Panitarn Chongfuangprinya, Ph.D. (2009)

• Dissertation title : Novel Nonparametric Control Charts for Multivariate Processes
• Current position: Engineer, Enterprise Process and Integration Department, Quanta Technology, USA
Thee Jitpitaklert, Ph.D. (2009)

• Dissertation title : Integration of Data Mining Algorithms and Control Charts for Multivariate and Autocorrelated Processes.
• Current position: Chief of Establishment of Free Zone Sub-Division, Thai Customs Department, Thailand
Panaya Rattakorn, Ph.D. (2009)

• Dissertation title : Unsupervised Data Mining Methods for Functional Data Analysis and Feature Selection
• Current position: Senior Process Engineer, Service Fulfillment and Process Engineer Department, Kasikorn Bank PCL., Thailand
Thuntee Sukchotrat, Ph.D. (2008)

• Dissertation title : Data Mining-Driven Approaches for Process Monitoring and Diagnosis
• Current position: CEO of iTax, The Leading Financial Technology Company in Thailand (
Chivalai Temiyasathit, Ph.D. (2008)

• Dissertation title : Functional Data Analysis for Environmental and Biomedical Problems
• Current position: Assistant Professor, King Mongkut΄s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand
Dachuan Shih, Ph.D. (2006) Co-Advised with Dr. Victoria Chen

• Dissertation title : Convex versions of multivariate adaptive regression splines and implementation for complex optimization problems
• Current position: Researcher, Patient Financial Services, Tenet, USA



Youngjae Jung (정영재), M.S. (2017)

• Dissertation title: Parameter-less Self-Organizing Map-based Control Chart
• Current position: 경영대학 박사과정, 고려대학교, Korea


Seonghyeon Kang (강성현), M.S. (2017)

• Dissertation title: 실시간 설비데이터를 활용한 휴대폰 메탈 프레임 공정의 다변량 모니터링
• Current position: 삼성전자, Korea


Hwayun Yu (유화윤), M.S. (2016)

• Dissertation title: 디스플레이 LCD 산업에서 데이터마이닝 알고리즘을 이용한 고객 불량률 예측
• Current position: 삼성디스플레이, Korea


Wansik Nam (남완식), M.S. (2016)

• Dissertation title: 반도체 제조 가상계측 공정변수를 이용한 웨이퍼 수율 예측 방법론
• Current position: 삼성전자, Korea


Jinsoo Park (박진수), M.S. (2016)

• Dissertation title: 프로브 검사 결점 수 데이터를 이용한 패키지 칩 품질 예측 방법론
• Current position: 삼성전자, Korea


Jayeon Gu (구자연), M.S. (2016)

• Dissertation title: 생존분석을 이용한 맞춤형 대장내시경 검진주기 추천
• Current position: 행정자치부 공공정보정책과, Korea


Hyunjin So (소현진), M.S. (2016)

• Dissertation title: ETFs Portfolio Optimization for Enhanced Indexation using Forecasting Method
• Current position: 포스코 ICT, Korea


Taewoo Joo (주태우), M.S. (2014)

• Dissertation title : Time Series Forecasting Based on Wavelet Filtering
• Current position: LG전자, Korea

Kyujong Lee (이규종), M.S. (2013)

• Dissertation title : Some Important Issues After Fault Identification in Multivariate Manufacturing Process:
Application to TFT-LCD Manufacturing Process
• Current position: LG화학, Korea

Junghoon Kim (김정훈), M.S. (2013)

• Dissertation title : 지역적이고 비정규분포를 갖는 공정 데이터를 관리하기 위한 지역기반 T2관리도
• Current position : LINA Life Insurance, Korea

Junghwan Son (손정환), M.S. (2012)

• Dissertation title : Determining the Threshold of a KNNDD Algorithm based on Nonparametric Density Estimation
• Current position: LG전자 생산기술원, Korea
Sinyoung Kim (김신영), M.S. (2012)

• Dissertation title : Adjusted direct orthogonal signal correction for high-dimensional spectral data
• Current position: 인터파크, Korea

Jihoon Kang (강지훈), M.S. (2011)

• Dissertation title : Clustering Algorithm-based Control Chart
• Current position: 삼성SDS, Korea
Mr. Carlos Duran, M.S. (2006)

• Dissertation title : An efficient alignment algorithm for high-resolution NMR spectra
• Current position: Process Consultant, Pinnacle Strategies, USA

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